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Zoila friendii, marina and thalamega _ SIDE VIEW220 views85.5 to 96.4 mm. W. Australia.
Lovely variations of friendii from W. Australia.
(Bruce Henke collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila thersites contraria _ SIDE VIEW137 views76.2. GEM. S. Australia, S.W. of Ceduna.
Stunning maculated contraria. Trawled in -130 mt.
(Marco Passamonti collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila friendii STUNNING BLUE _ SIDE VIEW201 views85 mm. GEM. Bumbury, W. Australia.
One of the best friendii I've ever seen. Elegant shell!
(Enrico Bologna collection)

(1 votes)
Barycypraea fultoni f. amorimi HUGE! _ TOP VIEW360 views79 mm. GEM-. Mozambique.
A fantastic huge and heavy specimen!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(1 votes)
Naria (Erosaria) nebrites HUGE & DARK _ TOP VIEW145 views43.77 mm. GEM. Red Sea, Eilat, Israel.
Big and stunning color!
(Marco Passamonti collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata _ SIDE VIEW120 viewsFrom Esperance. GEM.
Lovely specimens! Orange!
(Peter Ignoti collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila friendii BREATHTAKING COUPLE276 viewsA more close-up picture of the unique white friendii, and probably the best golden ever found.
(Peter Ignoti collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila venusta episema GOLDEN _ TOP VIEW185 viewsAll from Geographe Bay. GEM.
The best episema golden around!
(Peter Ignoti collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata _ SIDE VIEW176 viewsEsperance (left) & Shoal Cape (right)
Stunning couple of venusta!
(Adrian Bishop collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila vercoi lentiginosa COUPLE _ SIDE VIEW225 viewsTwo lovely lentiginosa!
(Adrian Bishop collection)

(1 votes)
Zoila mariellae EXTRA! _ TOP VIEW379 views58.7 mm. F+++/GEM. N.W. Australia.
One of the few mariellae around! Prestigious piece!
(Alessandro Petronzi collection)

(1 votes)
Umbilia capricornica SET _ BASE VIEW185 views90 & 79 mm. F++ and GEM. Queensland.
Super selected set of a very nice f. petilirostris (on left) and a deep dark capricornica (on right). Stunning couple!
(Marco Passamonti collection)

(1 votes)
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