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Zoila vercoi lentiginosa SERIES_ TOP VIEW265 viewsAlbany, W. Australia.
Stunning specimens. Gold based specimen trawled off Albany from orange ruffy boats (80 mm).
(Bruce Henke collection)
rosselli satiata totally black dorsum 50,1mm gem Fitzroy Reef,WA  (1).JPG
Zoila rosselli satiata BLACK _ SIDE VIEW265 views50.1 mm. GEM. Fizroy Reef, W. Australia.
Very nice and dark.
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Zoila rosselli satiata INCREDIBLE DWARF ROSTRATED! _ SIDE VIEW265 views39mm GEM
Absolutely incredible dwarf rostrated specimen. Black!!!
(Andrew Edinger collection)
Umbilia armeniaca _ STUNNING COUPLE265 viewsMore armeniaca!
Lower shell - 70 mm, extremely rare trawled from Rottnest Is. 220-250 mt.
(Bruce Henke collection)
Zoila jeaniana WHITE LADIES! _ SIDE VIEW264 viewsStunning albino jeaniana! Only 3 specimens known.
North of Gnaraloo.
(Ron Moylan collection)
Zoila friendii DEEP WATER ALBANY _ TOP VIEW262 views55-60 mm. off Albany, W. Australia.
Very rare deep water vercoi (?) from off Albany.
(Adrian Bishop collection)
Lyncina vitellus ROSTRATE _ SIDE VIEW261 views39.4 mm. GEM. N. Caledonia.
Lovely rostrate.
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Umbilia hesitata SERIES _ TOP VIEW260 views85 to 103 mm. From top left to right- yellow 103mm, violet howelli and intermediate howelli, golden large spots, greyish shell and pinkish one
(Sergey Igaev collection)
Zoila eludens SERIES _ TOP VIEW260 viewsExmouth Area. W. Australia.
Lovely series of very dark specimens!
(Bruce Henke collection)
Umbilia capricornica "petilirostris" _ TOP VIEW260 viewsTwo selected specimens of petilirostris.
(Simon Barbour collection)
Zoila thersites contraria _ SIDE VIEW259 views77.3 and 74. 1 mm. S. Australia, trawled.
White/cream and rare dark spotted contraria. Stunning specimens!
(Bruce Henke collection)
Zoila vercoi _ EXCEPTIONAL!259 views72-82 mm. Esperance to Albany, W. Australia.
Stunning specimens.
(Bruce Henke collection)
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