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최고 평점 - beautifulcowries의 갤러리
Zoila jeaniana BEAUTIFUL COUPLE _ TOP VIEW1381 조회Lovely jeanianas from Abrohlos Arc.
(Drew Strickland collection)

(29 평가)
Zoila jeaniana f. inscripta _ TOP VIEW1117 조회Beautiful banded jeaniana
(Drew Stricland collection)

(12 평가)
Zoila rosselli edingeri TRIO! _ TOP VIEW1467 조회42 mm Gem, 51 mm Gem-, 55 mm Gem-. Quobba, W. Australia.
What can I say! Picture says it all!
(private collection)

(11 평가)
Mauritia eglantina NIGER & ROSTRATE _ TOP VIEW949 조회76 mm. GEM. Five Miles reef, New Caledonia.
Huge specimen!
(Stefania Sassi collection)

(9 평가)
Zoila perlae TRIO _ TOP VIEW867 조회39 to 49 mm, all GEM. W. Australia (Taiwan boats)
Stunning series!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(9 평가)
Zoila decipens GOLDEN _ SIDE VIEW1580 조회Stunning gloden rufinistic decipiens. From one of the largest Australian collections. (Peter Ignoti collection)
(9 평가)
Zoila jeaniana WHITE LADY! _ SIDE VIEW940 조회Stunning albino jeaniana! Only 3 specimens known.
North of Gnaraloo.
(Ron Moylan collection)

(7 평가)
Cribrarula exmouthensis DARK & BIG _ SIDE VIEW981 조회32.3 mm, GEM. Exmouth Gulf.
Fantastic specimen!
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(6 평가)
Mauritia (Arabica) arabica NIGER _ TOP VIEW766 조회82 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning, heavy, black and rostrate specimen. Probably the best niger arabica ever. Ex Coll. Pierson, ex Coll. Raybaudi.
(Italian collection)

(6 평가)
Naria (Monetaria) moneta CRAZY ROSTRATED COUPLE!1103 조회39.5 mm. F+++. New Caledonia.
Fantastic rostrated moneta. The real top!
(Somwang Patamakanthin collection)

(6 평가)
Luria tessellata lani _ TOP VIEW972 조회52.8 mm. Balut, Philippines.
The only known live taken tessellata from the Philippines!
A super rarity!
(American collection)

(5 평가)
zoila thersites eburnea SERIES _ SIDE VIEW704 조회Kangaroo Is., S. Australia. Both GEM.
Spectacular specimens.
(Peter Clarkson collection)

(5 평가)
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