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Top rated - niger beautifulcowries
Mauritia mappa niger _ TOP VIEW945 views90 mm. Noumea, N. Caledonie. Fine++/GEM.
Exceptional mappa niger.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(7 votes)
Cribrarula cribraria ROSTRATE _ TOP VIEW304 viewsNice heavy rostration.
30.2 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(3 votes)
Mauritia (Leporycypraea) mappa NIGER _ TOP VIEW421 views84 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie, Prony Bay.
A stunning specimen. Not rostrated but globose.
(Italian collection)

(3 votes)
Cribrarula cribraria niger _ TOP VIEW1545 views39 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
Beautiful, dark and big!
(Walter Urben collection)

(4 votes)
Bistolida stolida NIGER AND ROSTRATE _ TOP VIEW511 views55.6 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
The most famous rostrate stolida, pictured in a stamp! Hummongous and strong rostration. Unique. Ex Coll. Pierson, ex. Coll. Raybaudi.
(Italian collection)

(4 votes)
Bistolida stolida NIGER AND ROSTRATE SERIES614 views33.5 to 49.7 mm. N. Caledonia.
Beautiful series!
(Stefania Sassi collection)

(2 votes)
Purpuradusta gracilis macula NIGER562 viewsVery nice duo
(Walter Urben collection)

(2 votes)
Mauritia mauritiana NIGER649 viewsVery nice duo
(Walter Urben collection)

(2 votes)
Mauritia eglantina CRAZY ROSTRATION _ BASE VIEW381 views58.2 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
Top rostration!
(William Alighieri collection)

(2 votes)
Mauritia eglantina N&R STUNNING TRIO383 views58.2 - 70.2 - 49.7 mm. F++-GEM to GEM. New Caledonia.
Fantastic series!
(William Alighieri collection)

(2 votes)
Mauritia scurra NIGER AND ROSTRATE397 views55.8 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
Niger and hyperrostrate. Huge!
(William Alighieri collection)

(2 votes)
Mauritia eglantina CRAZY ROSTRATION _ BASE VIEW368 views49.7 mm. F++-GEM. New Caledonia.
Niger and hyperrostrate. Stunning!
(William Alighieri collection)

(2 votes)
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