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Top rated - beautifulcowries
Barycypraea fultoni _ BASE VIEW 1219 views75.65 mm. Russian fishing vessel off Durban, 1995.
Deep colored beauty.
(Val Darkin collection)

(10 votes)
Barycypraea fultoni SERIES _ TOP VIEW1014 views72.2 to 77.7. Mozambique.
Very nice series of massieri and amorimi.
(Stefania Sassi collection)

(5 votes)
Cribrarula exmouthensis DARK & BIG _ SIDE VIEW613 views32.3 mm, GEM. Exmouth Gulf.
Fantastic specimen!
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(5 votes)
Zoila jeaniana jeaniana_ LOVELY SERIES899 viewsStunning trio of jeanianas from ROV and dived North of Carnavon.
(Drew Strickland collection)

(5 votes)
Cypraea tigris YELLOW _ TOP VIEW558 views113 mm. New Caledonia ,1980.
WRS golden tigris from old collection! Stunning!
(William Alighieri collection)

(5 votes)
Zoila vercoi candida UNIQUE! _ TOP VIEW786 views75 mm. GEM. Matthew Rock, Cape Arid, W. Australia.
By scuba, -63 m. Stunning banded specimen!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(5 votes)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata BLACK!!!!!! _ TOP VIEW914 views73mm GEM.
This is the best venusta black ever fished in Cape Shoal, W. Australia! Breathtaking!
(Andrew Edinger collection)

(5 votes)
Zoila venusta SET OF COLORS!1572 viewsStunning set of venustas from one of the largest Australian collection. Breathtaking! (Peter Ignoti collection)
(5 votes)
Mauritia (Leporycypraea) mappa admirabilis SERIE _ TOP VIEW506 views64.5 to 76.8 mm. Tahiti, Marquesas & Tuamotu
Beautiful series.
(Stefania Sassi collection)

(4 votes)
Cypraea pantherina orange _ SIDE VIEW322 views70.5 mm, F++/GEM. Ethiopia, Dahlak Islands, live taken 1980.
Dark orange sepcimen.
(Rod Watts collection)

(3 votes)
Umbilia capricornica "petilirostris" _ BASE VIEW417 views74.5 mm, GEM. Bundaberg in 1985.
What can we say, a bubble!
(Mark Wilkin collection)

(3 votes)
Macrocypraea cervus MONSTER _ BASE VIEW586 views174 mm. F+++. Cuba.
This is a real monster!
(Italian collection)

(3 votes)
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