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Главная > User galleries > beautifulcowries > beautifulcowries

Лучшие по рейтингу - beautifulcowries
Mauritia mappa f. montrouzieri REDПросмотров: 852Very nice duo, top red color!
(Walter Urben collection)

(3 голосов)
Umbilia capricornica SERIES _ SIDE VIEWПросмотров: 489A very nice series of capricornica
(Sergey Igaev collection)

(1 голосов)
Umbilia hesitata beddomei _ SIDE VIEWПросмотров: 48478 mm. beddomei from Moreton!
(Sergey Igaev collection)

(1 голосов)
Cypraeovula coronata f. debruini _ BASE VIEWПросмотров: 264Spectacular color and granulation!
33.5 mm. GEM. S. Africa, Hout Bay.
(Marco Passamonti collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila rosselli _ SIDE VIEWПросмотров: 263Lovely rostrated specimen.
54.5 mm. F+++. W. Australia, Rottnest. Is.
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(1 голосов)
Maurita (Arabica) grayana _ TOP VIEWПросмотров: 27774.3 mm, GEM. Eilat, Israel, Red Sea.
Lovely unusual pattern!
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(1 голосов)
Mauritia (Arabica) histrio f. westralis _ TOP VIEWПросмотров: 40877.9 mm. GEM-. Kimberley, W. Australia.
Lovely and big.
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata _ TOP VIEWПросмотров: 28572 mm. GEM-. Esperance, W. Australia.
Beautifully banded Esperance venusta.
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata _ SIDE VIEWПросмотров: 34571.0 mm Gem-. Rock Dunder, Albany, W. Australia.
Unusual immaculata from Albany.
(Rod Watts collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata SERIESПросмотров: 466W. Australia
A stunning series of orange/pink venusta roseopunctata.
(Bruce Henke collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila friendii SERIES _ TOP VIEWПросмотров: 505Geographe Bay Area. W. Australia.
Lovely series of blue friendii including a super-rare golden one!
(Bruce Henke Collection)

(1 голосов)
Zoila eludens SERIES _ TOP VIEWПросмотров: 426Exmouth Area. W. Australia.
Lovely series of very dark specimens!
(Bruce Henke collection)

(1 голосов)
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