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Halaman depan > User galleries > beautifulcowries > beautifulcowries

Paling dipilih - beautifulcowries
Zoila jeaniana BEAUTIFUL COUPLE _ TOP VIEWsudah 1430 kali dilihatLovely jeanianas from Abrohlos Arc.
(Drew Strickland collection)

(39 suara)
Zoila rosselli edingeri TRIO! _ TOP VIEWsudah 1534 kali dilihat42 mm Gem, 51 mm Gem-, 55 mm Gem-. Quobba, W. Australia.
What can I say! Picture says it all!
(private collection)

(20 suara)
Zoila jeaniana f. inscripta _ TOP VIEWsudah 1176 kali dilihatBeautiful banded jeaniana
(Drew Stricland collection)

(12 suara)
Zoila perlae TRIO _ TOP VIEWsudah 912 kali dilihat39 to 49 mm, all GEM. W. Australia (Taiwan boats)
Stunning series!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(10 suara)
Zoila decipens GOLDEN _ SIDE VIEWsudah 1640 kali dilihatStunning gloden rufinistic decipiens. From one of the largest Australian collections. (Peter Ignoti collection)
(9 suara)
Zoila jeaniana WHITE LADY! _ SIDE VIEWsudah 985 kali dilihatStunning albino jeaniana! Only 3 specimens known.
North of Gnaraloo.
(Ron Moylan collection)

(7 suara)
Cribrarula exmouthensis DARK & BIG _ SIDE VIEWsudah 1033 kali dilihat32.3 mm, GEM. Exmouth Gulf.
Fantastic specimen!
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(6 suara)
Luria tessellata lani _ TOP VIEWsudah 1026 kali dilihat52.8 mm. Balut, Philippines.
The only known live taken tessellata from the Philippines!
A super rarity!
(American collection)

(5 suara)
zoila thersites eburnea SERIES _ SIDE VIEWsudah 749 kali dilihatKangaroo Is., S. Australia. Both GEM.
Spectacular specimens.
(Peter Clarkson collection)

(5 suara)
Nesiocypraea midwayensis DARK EXTRA _ SIDE VIEWsudah 947 kali dilihat19 mm. GEM. Taiwan.
Stunning dark specimen!
(Alessandro Petronzi collection)

(5 suara)
Zoila venusta episemasudah 977 kali dilihatStunning specimen from one of the largest Australian collection. Breathtaking!
(5 suara)
Barycypraea fultoni SERIES _ TOP VIEWsudah 991 kali dilihat72.2 to 77.7. Mozambique.
Very nice series of massieri and amorimi.
(Stefania Sassi collection)

(4 suara)
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