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Top rated
Cribrarula exmouthensis DARK & BIG _ SIDE VIEW610 views32.3 mm, GEM. Exmouth Gulf.
Fantastic specimen!
(Ettore Molteni collection)

(4 votes)
Mauritia eglantina CRAZY ROSTRATION _ SIDE VIEW487 views49.7 mm. F++-GEM. New Caledonia.
Niger and hyperrostrate. Stunning!
(William Alighieri collection)

(4 votes)
Zoila vercoi candida UNIQUE! _ TOP VIEW784 views75 mm. GEM. Matthew Rock, Cape Arid, W. Australia.
By scuba, -63 m. Stunning banded specimen!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)

(4 votes)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata BLACK!!!!!! _ TOP VIEW912 views73mm GEM.
This is the best venusta black ever fished in Cape Shoal, W. Australia! Breathtaking!
(Andrew Edinger collection)

(4 votes)
Mauritia mappa f. montrouzieri RED850 viewsVery nice duo, top red color!
(Walter Urben collection)

(3 votes)
Mauritia (Arabica) arabica NIGER _ SIDE VIEW687 views82 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning, heavy, black and rostrate specimen. Probably the best niger arabica ever. Ex Coll. Pierson, ex Coll. Raybaudi.
(Italian collection)

(3 votes)
Naria (Monetaria) caputserpentis ROSTRATE _ SIDE VIEW434 views43 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning specimen. Ex Coll. Pierson.
(Italian collection)

(3 votes)
Zoila venusta roseopunctata BLACK _ TOP VIEW596 views71 mm. F+++. Shoal Cape, W. Australia.
One of the few black Shoal Cape venusta known.
(Marco Passamonti collection)

(3 votes)
Neobernaya spadicea RED & BIG495 views57 mm. GEM-. Monfalcone Shipwreck, California.
Beautiful red specimen!
(Mirco Bergonzoni colelction)

(3 votes)
Zoila rosselli edingeri _ SIDE VIEW682 views50.5 mm. F+++. Quobba, Australia.
Beautiful specimen.
(Italian collection)

(3 votes)
Zoila thersites contraria _ SIDE VIEW830 viewsA breathtaking specimen!
(Peter Clarkson collection)

(3 votes)
Zoila friendii BREATHTAKING COUPLE635 viewsA more close-up picture of the unique white friendii, and probably the best golden ever found.
(Peter Ignoti collection)

(3 votes)
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