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Most viewed - beautifulcowries's Gallery
Naria (Monetaria) annulus TOP ROSTRATION _ SIDE VIEW817 views36 mm. N. Caledonie. GEM.
Stunning rostration.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Zoila thersites eburnea TOP VIEW817 views87 mm. Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo I. N., S. Australia. GEM-.
Extremely rare form from shallow water.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Cypraea tigris RED _ TOP VIEW817 viewsTop quality red tigris.
91.15 mm. Philippines, Palawan. GEM-.
(Marco Passamonti collection)
Trona stercoraria rattus RED RUSTY _ TOP VIEW811 views86 mm. Pierre Loti Relict, Baniè Isl., Gabon. GEM.
Stunning big rusty stercoraria rattus!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Umbilia armeniaca _ STUNNING SERIES810 viewsA complete series of armeniaca variations: from Port Lincoln along the South Coast to Perth, Australia.
(Bruce Henke collection)
Zoila venusta sorrentensis f. grisea TOP VIEW810 views56 mm. Mandurah, W. Australia. -8 m. GEM.
Stunning perfect albino form of sorrentensis.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Zoila jeaniana STUNNING! _ TOP VIEW808 viewsPoint Maud, West Australia.
Breathtaking shells!
(Peter Clarkson collection)
Zoila friendii f. thalamega STUNNING COUPLE _ SIDE VIEW808 viewsBoth 86 mm. Kalbarry, W. Australia 48-50 m. Fine++/GEM.
Top quality couple of white based specimens. Rare!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Zoila decipiens & eludens TOP VIEW807 viewsview decriptions of the single shells
Zoila jeaniana RED BLUFF _ TOP VIEW805 views65 mm. GEM. Gnaraloo, Red Bluff, W. Australia
Beautiful spoecimen with mantle line!
(Alessandro Petronzi collection)
Zoila perlae DWARF _ TOP VIEW801 views39 mm. N. W. Australia. GEM.
Stunning little perlae. Unique.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Barycypraea fultoni f. amorimi HUGE! _ TOP VIEW795 views79 mm. GEM-. Mozambique.
A fantastic huge and heavy specimen!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
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