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Most viewed - beautifulcowries's Gallery
Zoila ketyana bataviensis TOP VIEW 845 viewsBeautiful elongated specimen from Abrohlos Is.
58.1 mm. W. Australia, Easter Group, Abrohlos Is. GEM.
(Marco Passamonti collection)
vercoi golden 62,6mm gem Salisbury island wa (2).JPG
Zoila friendii vercoi GOLDEN _ SIDE VIEW845 views62.6 mm. GEM. Salisbury Is., W. Australia.
A rare rufinistic vercoi.
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Mauritia (Arabica) arabica NIGER _ TOP VIEW843 views82 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning, heavy, black and rostrate specimen. Probably the best niger arabica ever. Ex Coll. Pierson, ex Coll. Raybaudi.
(Italian collection)
Zoila friendii f. thalamega STUNNING COUPLE _ SIDE VIEW843 viewsBoth 86 mm. Kalbarry, W. Australia 48-50 m. Fine++/GEM.
Top quality couple of white based specimens. Rare!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Bistolida stolida NIGER AND ROSTRATE _ SIDE VIEW & STAMP842 views55.6 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
The most famous rostrate stolida, pictured in a stamp! Hummongous and strong rostration. Unique. Ex Coll. Pierson, ex. Coll. Raybaudi.
(Italian collection)
Zoila rosselli satiata DWARF _ SIDE VIEW840 views35 mm. Quobba, West Australia.
Here compared witha normal satiata.
Stunning dwarf and super black! Fantastic!
(Drew Strickland collection)
Zoila thersites contraria _ SIDE VIEW837 viewsA breathtaking specimen!
(Peter Clarkson collection)
Naria (Monetaria) moneta (?) x caputserpentis HYBRID _ TOP VIEW836 views25 & 27 mm. Bohol, Philippines. GEM.
Two specimens of this extremely rare hybrid.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Mauritia mauritiana albiflora ALBINO _ TOP VIEW835 views92 mm. Port Boisè, N. Caledonie. Fine++.
Stunning albino mauritiana.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Mauritia arabica gibba SUPER HEAVY _ SIDE VIEW834 views70 mm. Pattani, Siam Gulf, Thailand. Fine++.
Stunning unique specimen. The base is extremely expanse and very heavy.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Mauritia mappa geographica NIGER! _ SIDE VIEW831 viewsUnique specimen! Niger geographica from Western Australia.
(Kim Back collection)
Zonaria pyrum DEEP DARK _ SIDE VIEW822 views33.2 mm. Spain. GEM.
Stunning blackish pyrum.
(Benito Sánchez collection)
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