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Most viewed - beautifulcowries's Gallery
Zoila venusta roseopunctata BLACK!!!!!! _ TOP VIEW920 views73mm GEM.
This is the best venusta black ever fished in Cape Shoal, W. Australia! Breathtaking!
(Andrew Edinger collection)
tigris 127,2 mm gem- Fort Dauphin Madagascar (2).JPG
Cypraea tigris BIG _ SIDE VIEW918 views127.2 mm. GEM-. Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.
Lovely colored and big.
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Zoila friendii & thersites _ BLACK COUPLE915 views78 & 72 mm. Freemantle and Stansbury.
Beautiful black specimens.
(Drew Strickland collection)
Trona stercoraria rattus RED RUSTY _ SIDE VIEW909 views86 mm. Pierre Loti Relict, Baniè Isl., Gabon. GEM.
Stunning big rusty stercoraria rattus!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Zoila jeaniana jeaniana_ LOVELY SERIES906 viewsStunning trio of jeanianas from ROV and dived North of Carnavon.
(Drew Strickland collection)
Naria (Monetaria) moneta CRAZY ROSTRATED COUPLE!903 views35 mm and 39.5 mm. New Caledonia.
Fantastic couple of rostrated moneta. The real top!
(Somwang Patamakanthin collection)
Zoila jeaniana WHITE CALLOUS!900 views82mm GEM
Probably the best specimen ever found in the Gnaraloo area! Breathtaking!
(Andrew Edinger collection)
Mauritia mappa geographica NIGER! _ TOP VIEW893 viewsUnique specimen! Niger geographica from Western Australia.
(Kim Back collection)
Cypraea tigris NC COUPLE885 viewsTwo fantastic specimens from New Caledonia
(Walter Urben collection)
Zoila mariellae HOLOTYPE _ SIDE VIEW885 views56 mm, GEM. Taiwanese trawlers.
This is the Holotype specimen of mariellae finally rediscovered!!!
(Martin Hiscock collection)
Zoila decipens GOLDEN _ TOP VIEW884 viewsStunning gloden rufinistic decipiens. From one of the largest australian collections. (Peter Ignoti collection)
Zoila rosselli edingeri TRIO! _ BASE VIEW884 views42 mm Gem, 51 mm Gem-, 55 mm Gem-. Quobba, W. Australia.
What can I say! Picture says it all!
(private collection)
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