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Most viewed - beautifulcowries's Gallery
Zoila marginata _ FAMILY PICTURE989 viewsLovely "family picture" of marginatas.
(Mark Wilkin collection)
Zoila friendii f. thalamega STUNNING COUPLE _ TOP VIEW984 viewsBoth 86 mm. Kalbarry, W. Australia 48-50 m. Fine++/GEM.
Top quality couple of white based specimens. Rare!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Nesiocypraea midwayensis DARK EXTRA _ SIDE VIEW983 views19 mm. GEM. Taiwan.
Stunning dark specimen!
(Alessandro Petronzi collection)
Mauritia (Leporycypraea) mappa NIGER SERIES981 views70 to 86 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning series. See single pics for details.
(Italian collection)
Zoila jeaniana f. inscripta _ SIDE VIEW976 viewsBeautiful banded jeaniana
(Drew Stricland collection)
Luria tessellata HUGE & EXTRA! _ SIDE VIEW968 views45 mm. Oahu, Hawaii. Fine++/GEM.
Awesome big tessellata. Impossible to find now!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
tigris 127,2 mm gem- Fort Dauphin Madagascar (2).JPG
Cypraea tigris BIG _ SIDE VIEW968 views127.2 mm. GEM-. Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.
Lovely colored and big.
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Zoila venusta SET OF COLORS!966 viewsStunning set of venustas from one of the largest Australian collection. Breathtaking! (Peter Ignoti collection)
Bistolida stolida NIGER SERIES964 views36 to 55,6 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning series. See individual pics for details on the biggest spec.
(Italian collection)
Zoila perlae TRIO _ TOP VIEW958 views39 to 49 mm, all GEM. W. Australia (Taiwan boats)
Stunning series!
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
Mauritia (Arabica) arabica NIGER SERIES956 views48 to 82 mm. GEM. N. Caledonie.
A stunning series. See single pics for details.
(Italian collection)
Cypraea tigris NEW CALEDONIA ORANGE _ TOP VIEW951 views100 mm. Cinqmilles, N. Caledonie. Fine++/GEM.
Stunning orange specimen from New Caledonia.
(Mirco Bergonzoni collection)
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