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TITLE  +   - 
FILE NAME  +   - 
DATE  +   - 
POSITION  +   - 
Bistolida stolida NIGER AND ROSTRATE TRIO455 viewsTop niger and rostrate stolidas.
(Walter Urben collection)
Bistolida stolida NIGER AND ROSTRATE SERIES591 views33.5 to 49.7 mm. N. Caledonia.
Beautiful series!
(Stefania Sassi collection)
Bistolida stolida N&R _ SERIES 376 views43 - 51.2 - 41.1 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
Very nice specimens.
(William Alighieri collection)
Bistolida kieneri ROSTRATE369 views17.2 mm. GEM. New Caledonia.
Incredible and unusual color pattern!
(William Alighieri collection)
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