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Cribrarula ssp. 'once sold as fallax' Australia _ SERIES
from left to right:
cribraria South Australia 30.1 mm
rottnestensis deep water yellow, 27.8 mm
angelae North West Cape Taiwan Trawlers 24.7 mm
true fallax Denmark 31.9 mm
cribraria_rostrated_24,3mm_gem_Lamont Reef QLD (2).JPG Cribraria Fallax 31,9mm gem Denmark WA (2).JPG cribraria South A , rottnestensis deep water, Angelae North West Cape Taiwan trawlers,Fallax  Denmark (1).JPG cumingii cleopatra 26,4 mm gem,Tahiti of Vairoo 1.JPG cumingii cleopatra 26,4 mm gem,Tahiti of Vairoo 2.JPG
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